Life cycles of an organization

Organizations, just like individuals, undergo seasons in life. Each season is characterized by certain opportunities, challenges, and ways of operating. It has been helpful for me as a manager and Deputy Director to think about organizational life cycles and how our organization, like any other, is in a state of becoming rather than just being.

It was helpful for me to also have some perspective when things get tough and to know that this is normal, other organizations have experienced this before, and many more will experience this again.

As the Persian proverb says, This too shall pass.

I discovered these resources and the idea of Non profit life cycles thanks to one of my talented staff members, S.C.

The Fieldstone Alliance offers the Nonprofit Life Stage Assessment online for free. It takes about 20 minutes.

I’m curious to hear what you find out. If you take the test for your organization and post your results here, I’ll post my results and interpretation, too. 🙂